Janell Burley Hofmann is a writer and mother of five (Gregory of 13 years, Brendan 10, her 8, Lily 6 and Cassidy 5). It is also a collaborator of The Huffngton Post and other American media and has a blog.

It was this last medium Janell told that his eldest son, Gregory, had been almost a year asking him to buy him an iPhone.

Janell reflected and given that it is aware of the responsibility that requires the use of technology and the risks involved, and decided to make him sign a contract to the child to give him for Christmas.

In Exchange for this gift, that according to the mother in your blog deserve it, imposed a contract with 18 clauses:

1. It is my phone. I bought it. I paid it. I will pay you. What am I cool?

2. I will always know the password.

3. If it sounds, it serves. I say ‘Hi’. I know educated. Always, always, attends the call from MOM and dad.

4 Delivery the phone to MOM or Dad at 7:30 in the morning every day of school and at 9:00 in the evening during the week. It will be off all night and will start at 7:30 in the morning. If you do not call telephone someone, because they can answer their parents, you either call or send messages to the mobile phone. Respect the other families like us to respect us.

5. Do not you win the iPhone to school. Conversation and talk with people and with your friends in person. The days of half-day excursions and extracurricular activities will require special considerations.

6. If the iPhone falls, hit or is damaged, you are responsible for. Therefore, you are the replacement or repair costs. This saves money for your birthday or other works: cut the grass, Kangaroo beam… If the iPhone breaks, you have to be prepared.

7. Do not use the iPhone to lie, be silly or deceive another human being. You do not engage in conversations that are harmful to others. I know a good friend.

8. Do not send messages, e-mails or say anything through the iPhone that you would not say in person.

9. Do not send messages, emails or tell someone something that you would not say it aloud and in the presence of their parents. Autocensurar you.

10. No pornography. You are looking for on the website information which you openly share with me. If you have any questions about something, ask someone. Preferably, your father or me.

11 Turn it off or mute it when you’re in public places. Especially in restaurants, in the movies or while you talk to another person. You’re not an impolite person, don’t let the iPhone to change that.

12. Do not send nor receive intimate images yours or other people’s. Don’t laugh. Someday you’ll be tempted to do so, despite your great intelligence. It is risky and you can ruin your life of adolescent, young person and adult. It is always a bad idea. Cyberspace is more powerful than you. And it is difficult to do something of that magnitude to disappear, including a bad reputation.

13. Don’t millions of photos or videos. There is no need to document everything. Live your experiences. Store will remain in your memory for all eternity.

14. Sometimes you should let the iPhone at home. Feel secure that decision. It is not a be live or any extension of your body. Learn to live without it. You have to overcome fear to miss something that is happening and to be always connected.

15 Download music that is new or classic or different from the millions of guys like you listen, that it is always the same. Your generation has access to the music more than any other in history. Take advantage of this gift. It expands your horizons.

16 From time to time you can play words, puzzles and puzzle games.

17. Keep your eyes open. See the world that surrounds you. Looking through the window. Listen to the birds. Take a walk. Talk with a stranger. Ask yourself if it is necessary to search in Google.

18 You meterás leg. You take away the phone. We will sit and talk about it. We will return to start. You and I we are always learning. We are a team. We are together in this.

The result after a year of contract

Janell wrote an article in The Huffingon Post admitting that the contract worked, although it had not been easy. As she hoped, he had to remove the phone and start all over again. But the results have been positive: she has learned, thanks to his son, about new applications and social networks. Although it is not the most important thing: the family has become responsible for technology users.

Janell provides a final conclusion, which seems to encourage other families. “Technology is a beautiful, exciting tool, our world. Lets make it fun, make it a social, creative and expansive tool. Gregory knows that you can never replace reading a book or a cup of coffee with a friend, or a walk through the forest, but both can coexist”.

Now it is the turn of her daughter, who is now asking its iPhone in Exchange for the contract. “Well, I did not see that coming! «-It says in the post – but I’m!».

It should be noted that Janell Burley Hofmann leads a movement that aims to educate on the responsible use of the phone

The Apple company is working on a new generation of machines described as “a new category of computers based on the projection”.

The patent and Trademark Office of Estados Unidos has published 51 new Apple patents that reveal that the Cupertino company is working on a new generation of machines described as “a new category of computers. The text of the patent details a computer wireless desk-free that would not require large physical space for their use, but would take advantage of any vertical surface available to project the screen.

“This step will allow to place your computer where you want, at a desk or table, but also on a shelf, on the floor or even suspended in the ceiling or a wall”, says the text.

The computer would have the same power as a laptop or desktop. Intellegent projector would allow that computer use anywhere provided that a surface on which work was found.

Projector could also be configured to function as a portable cinema to disable all options except the DVD. It could also be used with peripherals such as computers and wireless keyboards and could be charged with or without cables.

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Apple  has launched this Thursday the new Mac Pro, its new flagship on performance issue. This new desktop computer is now available in the Apple Store and two possible models.
The first version of the Mac Pro has four-processor
Core Intel Xeon E5 to 3.7 GHz, 12 GB memory ECC DDR3 1866 MHz and two GPU, is priced at 3.049 euros. The second model of the Mac Pro includes an E5 six-core Intel Xeon processor 3.5 GHz, 16 GB ECC DDR3 1866 MHz and two GPU memory and has a value of 4,049 euros.
You can also choose a custom configuration of the Mac Pro with a processor up to 12 cores, 64 GB RAM, 1 TB of PCIe, two GPU AMD FirePro D700 with 6GB of RAM and a 4K screen Sharp. This set would be the 13.648 euros.
The new Mac Pro is now available in the Apple Store online, Apple Store stores and certain authorized Apple resellers.
The new Apple, redesigned Mac Pro deskto computer will be available for order from tomorrow, Thursday, December 19, at the Apple Online Store, AppleStore stores and certain Apple dealers. The new Mac Pro is a real beast, with the latest Intel Xeon processors, dual GPU performance and workstation, PCIe and ultra-fast ECC memory-based flash storage type.

When planning your proffesional desktop, Apple has designed it around an innovative thermal core unified. The Mac Pro which goes on sale tomorrow combines a performance unprecedented design with a striking cylindrical Black Aluminum, which is only 25.1 cm tall by 16.7 cm in diameter, weighs 5 kg and occupies one-eighth part of the volume of the previous-generation Mac Pro.

daa54153e2fdd0d7f8e08e9169753b66The new Mac Pro includes Intel Xeon processors with 4, 6, 8 or 12 cores to speeds of up to 3.9 GHz Turbo Boost, as well as two GPU AMD FirePro of type workstation with eight times higher than that of the previous Mac Pro graphics performance. Thanks to its six Thunderbolt 2 ports, each of which offers up to 20 Gbps of bandwidth for external device, adds support for connecting up to 36 high-performance peripherals, including monitors 4 K of last generation.

In terms of storage, the PCIe-based flash device offers speeds of sequential reading up to 10 times faster than conventional hard drives. ECC DDR3 memory provides memory bandwidth up to 60 Gbps, ideal for editing video with 4K resolution while simultaneously processing effects in the background to the new Mac Pro.

Prices of the new Mac Pro start at 3.049 euros of the model with four-core 3.7 GHz processor Intel Xeon E5, dual GPU AMD FirePro D300 with 2 GB VRAM each, 12 GB of memory and 256 GB of flash storage. The configuration with Intel Xeon E5 six core processor 3.5 GHz, dual GPU AMD FirePro D500 with 3 GB of VRAM, 16 GB of memory and 256 GB of flash storage memory is available from 4,049 euros.

In addition to the latest version of OS X Mavericks 10.9, the Mac Pro includes this software: iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, maps, iBooks, Safari, Mail, FaceTime, messages, calendar, contacts, reminders, Time Machine, Photo Booth, iTunes, Game Center, preview, notes, Mac App Store, Center notifications, dictation, iCloud or Gatekeeper, among other applications. Apple offers configuration options to measure and accessories, which are available on its website.

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The company of the future through greater connectivity among employees through more interactive tools that make them feel closer. As it happens in the personal life, where social networks are the channels chosen by users to communicate with friends and family. Microsoft seems determined to tackle this emerging market and so has just announced the launch of an application for IOS, which is available from the Apple Store, and that integrates with your corporate social network of the company, Yammer.

Revealed through an information note, the application will be integrated into the rest of tools of the company, as it is the case of Office 365. The main advantages of this application lies in the ease in shipping and the instantaneity of the messages. Indeed, according to the company, this messaging service can be received any time, anywhere, without having to Exchange phone numbers or email addresses. Messages can be exchanged not in vain, only with registration in the social network, advises the eWeek web.

“In addition to collaboration capabilities, the application offers an experience of unique integration with corporate solutions that many companies already have, like Office, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and brief Lync/Skype”, emphasizes Oscar Mozo, responsible for Yammer in the division’s Office of Microsoft Ibérica, who adds that in the same way that e-mail”was a salutary lesson and accelerated the pace of business in the 1990s”, the corporate social networking will be the engine that transforms the work space and the way of working over the next few years”, complete.

Among the main advantages associated with Yammer, stands out, according to the firm, the possibility of creating a greater improvement in the commitment of employees. “Yammer facilitates strategic alignment and commitment around common objectives in a more transparent and innovative, with employees more motivated and integrated organization,” they stress.

To this benefit, the corporate social network unites the possibility, ensure from Microsoft to contribute to the formation of more productive equipment, since “increases collaboration, productivity and the efficiency of each worker, resulting in a more competitive and successful company,” they conclude from the coimpañia.

macbookIf you see his pictures in the hands of strangers, think not only of Trojans or rear doors. Perhaps the route used by the ciberespias is in front of you; in the upper part of the screen of your MacBook, where the webcam is housed.

Apparently, this was the way in which a U.S. hacker took several photos to a student, the Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf to be exact, while she was naked. His classmate, Jared Abrahams, was able to reprogram remote the MacBook Pro Wolf and sent him images taken through your webcam. FBI nabs Abrahams in October.

How to spy on other people through their web cameras in many Apple MacBook iSight is simple. Normally, when the camera is running lights a green light next to it. But, thanks to a vulnerability recently discovered, this light can be deactivated, so that victims are not aware of that are being observed.

The Washington Post revealed this research carried out by the computer scientist Stephen Checkoway, showing the use of a test software called Remote Administration Tool (remote administration tool or RAT). Checkoway could reprogram the microcontroller chip of the iSight camera so that light does not light.

Checkoway showed that this trick serves to spy on users of MacBooks and iMacs sold before 2008. But it could also be feasible to use in laptops Apple more modern or in other brands, still unproven as possible.

In another report by the Washington Post, the former deputy director of the FBI, Marcus Thomas, operational Technology Division said that the federal office has been activating cameras computer without having to turn on the warning lights for years.

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Apple wants to give a push to their products on these dates with a new holiday campaign. For this he has published on his YouTube channel two new ads that, as they usually do in Cupertino, show the more human side of their products.
Ads shows a teenager he will spend the Christmas holiday with their families but which seems to be away from everyone for always being with your iPhone 5S and seemingly not showing any attention by their loved ones. But that is not your intention, because at the end of the ad shows that it has created an emotional video composed of small fragments of the moments that has lived together to them at this time.
The video created by the guy, is also shown through Apple TV and playback is controlled from the iPhone.
The announcement is accompanied by the song Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, a very original way to wish the public a Merry Christmas and show how their products can be used in a way much closer.



The Japanese electronic devices  has launched a new terminal, ioPhone 5, a copy of the model designed by Apple, iPhone 5 c, but includes operating system Android.


Smartphone, manufactured with the same aesthetic of the Apple, is available from this Friday in Japan and can choose from 5 colors (green, blue, yellow, red and white), as reported by technology Cnet portal.

Aesthetically, it is reminiscent of the iPhone 5 c, but inside of course things change with a very simple and basic benefits. 5 IoPhone has a screen with 480 x 854 resolution, he has 512 MB of RAM, a dual-core 4 GB of storage, Mediatek chip and a 2 megapixel camera. In comparison, the Cupertino firm phone has a screen with resolution 640 x 1,136, 1 GB of RAM, a chip A6 dual-core, 16 GB of storage and an 8 megapixel camera. The device, which rolls with version 4.2 of the Android operating system, for greater penetration in the world, is sold for 100 euros.

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dimensionesiphonePurchase pages Internet sales are often a nest of vipers where most cheaters try to scam innocent victims. The most desired mobile market, or tablet that everybody wants to tend to be perfect lure to make these characters its August.
One of the websites in which more scams occur is Segundamano and features to the iPhone. Since last year, come to appear a series of ads that promise of Apple products at incredible prices. For example, an iPhone 5 64 GB to 399 euros (899 euros it costs in store). All a bargain, right?
Who is interested by this attractive offer, first received an e-mail in which made sure that the phone was real, that you could send to any part of Spain and that the transaction could be made from any ATM with total security.
[You can interest: your cell phone almost explodes and the company manufacturer blackmails him]
A priori, the answer had nothing strange. Only a couple of grammatical errors and a lack of spelling. The only thing weird was the form of payment. And it is here where all the scam is unleashed.
Those who respond to this mail, receive on instructions on how to act. The payment cannot be just once, if that is not fraccionaba in five small transactions that are performed through a service called Teleingreso, who works in the following manner: the seller gives a series of keys that the buyer must enter at an ATM of Caixa Galicia, together with your credit card, so that payments are made. Mobile will never reach the purchaser. Seller is an excuse saying that the courier company does not has been able to take charge of package, or requests to the purchaser more money. As it is usual to seller is run by another person, it is very difficult to locate him. All we can do is to report the facts to the police.
This scam, that is well documented in this web page, which the web speaks of a specific case happened last year from eBay.
In recent weeks, the scam has become, but in the form of mail. The thymus is the same, but this time criminals ask in advance – a modest amount of money through the ATM – and promise that the rest of the collection is to be on delivery, when Seur deliver mobile. No one chop.
An eBay spokesman says that each ad that is on the web has been subjected to moderation to know if there is a scam behind it, but that “the expertise of these offenders makes that they slip fraudulent ads”.
It added that “the only thing that protects us is common sense: If a mobile it costs 699 euros (and that just hit the market) is sold for just 300 euros, must be wary.” If in addition the ad contains misspellings or grammatical errors, or the seller does not provide your mobile number, we must walk with care”.




Smart Google goggles feature a new application that will serve the users of this wearable technology to control their configuration and operation more intuitive way. Now, the Google Glass may be compatible with the use of the iPhone in a most simple way thanks to the MyGlass app.

This application is not the only change to the Google Glass presented. A few days ago the company made public the integration of a tool that allows you to take pictures from the glasses with a simple wink. Innovative technology will enable user to take photographs without having to carry out voice commands or buttons on the Google Glass. New update of Google also augmented reality glasses incorporates functionality that allows you to lock the screen, as well as to share and download videos from Youtube.

According to the The Verge website, the application opens new possibilities of use this technology of the future. In this way, from the device user can become integrated in the iPhone that can add Wi-FI connection to sunglasses, select the services that will be activated at the Google Glass, as well as display addresses from the headphone jack of the device. The ‘app’ can also transmit to the iPhone the contents of the smart glasses on the screen of the mobile phone.

Along with this potential, MyGlass allows lovers of wearable technology to make and receive calls from your smart gaafas, as well as have Internet connection.

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